As a patient in our practice, you will experience the true meaning of personalized care and attention to detail.
Our goal is to provide you with everything that you need to maintain the beauty and health of your smile. We take the time to listen to your desires and needs.


Our team consists of highly motivated, compassionate, and capable professionals whose major goal is to deliver excellent dental care to our patients. Caring about the person and building trust in our relationships has always been our main priority.


Our doctors are highly trained in all aspects of comprehensive and preventative dentistry .
We view your dental health as part of your overall health.

Re-building Your Smile

When restoring your dentition we strive to provide both beautiful and functional teeth. This is done keeping your dental health as well as your total body wellness in mind.


We are fortunate to have access to numerous tools that assist us in identifying, diagnosing and measuring the presence and severity of disease.
Salivary testing allows us to identify the bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth loss as well as measuring your susceptibility for future cavities.
These tests give us the ability to choose the appropriate treatment for you by giving you everything you do need and avoiding everything you do not.
In addition we use digital radiography that lowers the radiation exposure and provides immediate access to your x rays for review .

What we’re about

Meet Kuljic DDS & Team, a comprehensive preventative, restorative and esthetic dental practice with the singular mission of focusing on your total dental health.

Our approach is simple – we take the time upfront to understand your needs and desires in order to customize a treatment plan that is unique to you. From the basic dental care needs such as cleanings to the more complex combination procedures such as crowns and implants, our team delivers results.

We pride ourselves in combining the latest in dental knowledge, skill, technology and procedures to ensure total quality care. That means that our breadth and depth of services allow us to deliver care onsite leaving you with piece of mind that we stand behind our work.

First visit

We start our visit by listening to your dental concerns, needs, desires and expectations. A thorough understanding of your current and desired state is essential to a successful relationship. Our initial visit usually takes about 45-60 min and includes taking all necessary x-rays, intra and extra oral examination, cancer screening, photographs of your teeth and your face. If necessary, impressions of your teeth may be taken for further examination of your bite and chewing.

By collecting this clinical data, doctors Kuljic and Mandic are able to thoroughly assess the four different aspects of oral health:

Gum And Bone
Tooth structure
TMJ, bite and chewing
Smile characteristics
If the status of your gums and bone are in good shape, your teeth will be cleaned by one of our doctors or hygienists.

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