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Gum Grafting

In our practice, we provide minimally invasive soft tissue grafting (from a tissue bank) for the treatment of root exposure and periodontal issues around implants.

Since there is no restriction as to how much tissue is available, we are able to perform grafting on multiple teeth in one surgical session . This is not possible with the conventional method where tissue is taken from the roof of the patient’s mouth and amount of available tissue is limited.

As mentioned, it is a minimally invasive (plastic) surgical procedure that produces minimal to no post-operative discomfort and allows for a much faster healing time.


Gum grafting is an oral plastic surgery procedure performed in patients whose gums have “receded” and whose teeth have become sensitive during chewing and drinking.  Typically done in one visit per area, the affected site is prepared as gums are elevated and a “pouch” is created under the gums where the graft (either donor tissue or tissue from the tissue bank) is placed. Covering the exposed root surface eliminates progressive nature of the problem.  Teeth that do not get graft procedure continue be at high risk for root decay, erosion and corrosion of the exposed root.

Gum grafting may be the treatment plan for you if you have gum recession that is starting to expose the root of your teeth.

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