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Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring is a simple procedure in which the teeth are reshaped with finely ground diamonds.

Contouring is used to quickly enhance the appearance of your teeth by giving the sense of uniformity and alignment. It is a fast and economic way to augment your smile, and an excellent finishing touch to improve the shape of your teeth following other treatments including veneers and bonding.

Cosmetic contouring may be a treatment option for you if you have small chips or fractures in your teeth, minor crowding, sharp or uneven tooth lengths.

Whitening, bonding and all-ceramic crowns

Background/ situation: The patient was unhappy with the appearance of a previous porcelain veneer placed on her front tooth. She was on a tight budget but wanted a “smile improvement.”

Solution: We recommended whitening her central tooth from the inside and her adjoining teeth followed by placing two composite bondings and two all ceramic crowns on the front teeth for a more pleasing smile.


Benefits of Cosmetic Contouring

There are many advantages to getting the cosmetic contouring procedure:

Improves your appearance if you have visible problems like crooked, cracked, irregularly shaped or chipped teeth.
Corrects teeth that overlap and may fix minor bite problems.
Gives you an attractive smile.

How many times will I have to visit the dental office ?

Cosmetic contouring is sometimes finished within one visit , although it may take up to three sessions , according to your personal situation .

Cosmetic contouring is a really safe and effective procedure. Removing too much teeth enamel may weaken your teeth , so cosmetic contouring is either limited to small changes or used together with bonding or veneers. Our dental office will personalize your plan to make your teeth attractive while keeping them healthy

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marinko glavas
marinko glavas
Very satisfied , Tank you so much MG.
Ivana Hrga-Griggs
Ivana Hrga-Griggs
Painless, meticulous work. Dealt well with my strong gag reflex. Completed both cavity and cosmetic work - with no Novocaine and no pain. Wonderful practice!
Doreen Cain
Doreen Cain
Great job!! Everyone is so friendly.
Mary Mazzeo
Mary Mazzeo
Dr. Kuljik and his staff listen. They listen to understand what you are experiencing and then make their assessment based on what you report and their findings. They are professional, friendly, approachable and compassionate. I couldn’t be happier with the care I receive.
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notice that chewing gum "starts" your symptoms up

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