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Dental Implants

dental implants structure

Dental Implants are a great treatment option if you are missing one or multiple teeth.

The first step is to determine if you are a candidate to receive a dental implant.

We do this by evaluating the health of your gums and bone. A 3D-x-ray is taken in our office to evaluate bone quality. Based on the findings you will be scheduled with our surgeon to receive a bone graft or an implant. At the time of surgery a titanium implant will be placed and allowed to heal between 6 to 8 weeks.

The second step will be an appointment with our doctors to take an impression for the abutment and implant crown. It usually takes two to three weeks for the laboratory to make the abutment and crown.

The third and final step is delivery of the dental abutment and crown. At this time the implant crown will be screwed into place and any minor bite adjustments will be performed.

As a recipient of a dental implant, you must maintain good oral hygiene and keep up with your recommended dental visits.

Adult orthodontics and implant dentistry

Background/ situation: The patient was missing her upper and lower two central teeth since birth. Reluctant to have her teeth shaved to accommodate bridges, she never did anything to improve her smile. She was very self conscious about her teeth and avoided smiling.

Solution: We recommended moving her teeth into their proper position with orthodontics. We then used dental implants to replace her missing teeth and composite bondings to acheive uniformity of shape and color resulting in a fuller and more beautifl smile.


Simple implant replaced tooth

Background/ situation: Patient wanted the most reliable and long lasting solution for her broken front tooth.

Solution: We recommended removing the remaining root and placing an implant that would match her remaining tooth and restore her smile.


Single Implant and a few bondings

Background/ situation: Patient wanted the most long lasting solution for his failing front tooth and wanted to “upgrade” his smile with brighter teeth.

Solution: We recommended replacing his failing tooth with an implant, whitening his teeth and composite bondings on teeth that had exposed roots.


Tooth removal and implant restoration

There is atached PDF file that will explain whole process regarding Tooth removal and implant restoration in Dr. Kuljic clinic.
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marinko glavas
marinko glavas
Very satisfied , Tank you so much MG.
Ivana Hrga-Griggs
Ivana Hrga-Griggs
Painless, meticulous work. Dealt well with my strong gag reflex. Completed both cavity and cosmetic work - with no Novocaine and no pain. Wonderful practice!
Doreen Cain
Doreen Cain
Great job!! Everyone is so friendly.
Mary Mazzeo
Mary Mazzeo
Dr. Kuljik and his staff listen. They listen to understand what you are experiencing and then make their assessment based on what you report and their findings. They are professional, friendly, approachable and compassionate. I couldn’t be happier with the care I receive.
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