Airway Screening in Beverly, MA - Your Path to Better Breathing

What is the Airway Screening?

CBT Scan


A Cone Beam Radiological Assessment provides us imaging that gives the doctors the ability to view your airway three-dimensionally, to include your nasal and sinuses passages, trachea, and windpipe.

This imaging allows the doctors to screen and measure your jaws and arch development, tonsils, adenoids, turbinates, and more!

HRPO man wearing


High Resolution Pulse Oximeter is a monitoring device that is taken home and is worn on the wrist with a finger attachment for four nights. Each night the device collects data while you sleep, reporting your heart rate and oxygen levels.

This allows the doctors to see if you’re getting deep sleep and adequate oxygen, as well as determine if there is any distress.

man wearing nasal cannula


You wear a nasal canula attached to a recording device in the office for around 10 minutes that gathers data in regard to the efficiency of your inhaling and exhaling pattern.

Capno reading

Study Models

Impressions are taken to create models of your teeth. These models not only give us a “starting point” reference, but also are used for measurements and assessing how your teeth come together when you bite.

Additionally, we use them to determine the proper appliances that may be used in treatment.

3D digital model

Structure Evaluation

We evaluate your structures (i.e., teeth and bone) to assess your current growth and development. You will be given several questionnaires to fill out, which help inform us of your symptoms and best possible treatment. Photographs and measurements will also be taken to better diagnose any structural underdevelopment and areas of possible concern.

Myofunctional Therapy imageadult myo therapy

Myofunctional Assessment

We evaluate your soft tissues (i.e., tongue, lips, and cheeks) to assess their abilities and strengths.

We also assess your swallow function and lip and cheek competencies to determine whether the tongue and orofacial muscles are functioning properly.

dr kuljic exam

The airway screening includes all the above and is accomplished typically in 3 appointments:

1st appointment: Includes the CBCT scan, study models, structural evaluation, HRPO, photos and capnometer.

2nd appointment: Myofunctional Assessment (can sometimes be done in tandem with 1st appt)

3rd appointment: Consult appointment where we go over all the data collected and discuss recommended treatment. This appointment can be in person or via zoom.

If you have any of these symptoms, are interested in these types of services, and would like to learn more, click here to visit our Integrative Dental and Airway Websiteite

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