Natasa Mandic-Kuljic

Dr. Natasa Mandic-Kuljic



KOIS Center Graduate - 2014

Straight Wire Orthodontic Continuum - 2005

University of Pittsburgh – 2002

University of Belgrade – 1995


Dr Natasa Mandic is devoted to treating her patients as family and friends, making even the most hesitant patient feel at ease. She enjoys taking time to listen to her patient’s concerns, with the goal to create an individualized dental plan for every patient. Dr Mandic has always been dedicated to furthering her dental knowledge, attending courses both in dentistry and whole body wellness. By educating her patients to take care of their teeth, they are able to improve their overall health. A recent success has been completing a four-year mini -residency program at the KOIS Center for Advanced Dental Learning in Seattle. Through this program Dr Mandic has expanded her skills in cosmetic dentistry, implants and treatment of TMJ dysfunction.

Dr. Natasa is a standing member of the American Dental Association (

Additionally, children have always been a particular focus for Dr. Natasa, especially as she has continued to earnestly seek after the best practices to improve the lives of her patients. Over time Dr. Natasa recognized that many of her younger patients were often presenting as mouth breathers, tooth grinders, and tongue-thrusters. These symptoms led her to study and complete the Airway Mini Residency, thereby, giving her the ability to identify and address the causes of her patients symptoms.

Dr. Natasa is committed to helping her patients improve the quality of their lives. She firmly believes in treating the root causes of health problems rather than solely treating symptoms. She is a trained Myobrace educator and licensed Orofacial Myology Therapist. As she continues to help patients correct bad dental and lifestyle habits, she has found the study of airway dentistry to be particularly fascinating and rewarding. She is passionate about serving her patients and helping them breathe, sleep, and live well.

She is excited to share her knowledge and services with you and your family.


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