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November 30, 2022

Why you may need a dental crown after root canal treatment

To Restore a Weak Tooth

A tooth maybe considered weak after root canal treatment due to the fact that a large amount of tooth structure has to be removed to access the canals of the root.
Teeth that receive root canals usually have a prior history of large fillings, big decay or cracks.
These factors cause a loss of tooth structure thus making the tooth weak and prone to fracture when chewing.

Crowns reinforce the strength of the tooth by covering it from all sides.

To Preserve the Color of the Tooth

With time root canal treated teeth will loose their natural color. This is especially frustrating with front teeth.

A well done anterior crown will preserve the color of a tooth and mimic the shape of adjacent teeth.

To Keep a Tooth Safe from Infection

Following a Root Canal a tooth is at bigger risk for an infection and contamination. To avoid this we recommend sealing the tooth from all sides with a dental crown. The dental crown will help prevent tooth loss due to reinfection or fracture.

Visit our Beverly office to learn more about receiving a dental crown that is durable, stain resistent and attractive after root canal treatment.

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