October 10, 2017

Teaching Children to Take Care of Their Teeth

Here at Kuljic DDS & Team, we know that dental health plays a huge role in total body health. We believe in educating our patients and emphasize the importance of combining good nutrition as well as proper brushing and flossing techniques to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. We know that too many people lose their teeth unnecessarily because they were not educated early enough to know that their daily habits and home-care truly make all the difference in their oral health. We also know that some people are afraid of going to the dentist. We want to reverse the curse!

We believe that a lifetime of dental health must begin at an early age. To that end, part of our community outreach program is focused on early intervention. This year, we were fortunate to visit several pre-schools in Beverly, MA and teach the children about healthy foods to eat, how to properly brush and floss as well as giving them the opportunity to meet people from the dentist to see how fun going to the dentist can be!

Teaching children to take care of their teeth will work to prevent cavities and then going to the dentist will always be fun! If you would like our dental team to visit your school, please give us a call at 978-922-4200 so we can become partners in educating new generations in good oral health.

You can also reach us by email at [email protected]

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