March 16, 2020

Dental Visits During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The pandemic of the coronavirus or COVID-19 has been the focus of media coverage and has raised concerns about the outbreak across the United States. Your dentists at Kuljic DDS & Team, understand your concerns. Therefore, we are sharing information about the virus and how your health and safety is a top priority when attending your dental visits during the coronavirus outbreak.

What precautions should I take during the coronavirus outbreak?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise that everyone continue their daily routine until further notice from government officials. To help protect yourself, the CDC recommends washing your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap, covering your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, and remain in your home if you are sick. If you are an elderly patient or suffer from chronic health conditions such as diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, or hypertension, your risk of experiencing complications from the virus increases, according to the CDC. Therefore, our dentists are recommending that you speak with your primary care physician to determine your level of risk in contracting the COVID-19 virus. However, if you are a healthy individual, following the above safety measures, greatly lowers your risk of becoming ill.

Should I cancel my dental appointment during the coronavirus outbreak?

Cancelling your dental appointment is not necessary if you are symptom-free of COVID-19 and have not been in contact with anyone showing symptoms or has knowingly been exposed to the virus. If it is time for your six-month checkup and cleaning, we recommend that you keep your appointment. Since the CDC states that gum disease affects nearly half of the adults in the U.S., poor oral health could increase your risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive decline. Although there is concern about the coronavirus outbreak, the lack of oral health care could cause conditions that are conducive to increasing the intensity of the virus if contracted.

If I have a dental emergency, should I still go to the dentist?

Dental emergencies seem to happen at the least convenient times. Even in the wake of a pandemic, a dental emergency still needs to be addressed, especially if you are in pain. Dental pain is typically a sign of a more serious condition that could indicate an infection is present. If treatment is not sought, the infection could spread to your brain or your heart and could be life-threatening. When you have dental pain, call your dentists at Kuljic DDS & Team in Beverly, MA to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. For other dental emergencies such as a loose crown or a minor chipped tooth, it is still recommended that you call to schedule an appointment right away.

How is Kuljic DDS & Team protecting patients against the coronavirus?

Rest assured that Kuljic DDS & Team is a clean dental practice in Beverly, MA. The doctors and the team are trained in OSHA standards for the cleanliness and sanitization of patient rooms and equipment that is used for patient care. As a general dentist in Beverly, MA Kuljic DDS & Team uses EPA-approved disinfectants that are specifically formulated for use in the healthcare industry to kill bacteria, viruses, and blood-borne pathogens. Also, our clinical team that has direct contact with patients must wear protective gear such as gloves, surgical-grade masks, and goggles. To further protect the health of our patients, the CDC’s recommendation for hand hygiene is used between appointments and after handling used dental tools and equipment, even though gloves are worn. Stringent sanitizing and sterilization methods are practiced within our practice, regardless of an outbreak, to maintain a safe and healthy environment to protect our patients. We are also very intentional in strategically scheduling appointments so that we avoid crowding the reception area.

When should I cancel my appointment and not go to the dentist?

For the safety of our patients and team, we request that you contact our office before your appointment if you are running a fever, have a cough, have recently traveled, or have been around someone who has traveled outside of the U.S. In addition, if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus, we recommend contacting your health care provider or seek medical assistance for testing. We will work with you to reschedule your appointment to a more appropriate time and no cancellation fees will apply. Additional measures that you can take to prevent spreading the virus, should you become sick, is to change out your toothbrush once you are symptom-free, and regularly clean your oral appliances, such as dentures or mouthguards. Also, be sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after brushing or flossing your teeth, as well as when you need to remove your oral appliance.

Dental Care During the Coronavirus Outbreak in Beverly, MA

Even though the coronavirus is spreading across the U.S., there is no need to panic, and you can continue to attend your regularly scheduled dental appointments if you are healthy and not showing any signs of COVID-19. If you have questions or concerns about Kuljic DDS & Team’s sanitation process or need to schedule or reschedule an appointment, feel free to call 978-922-4200 or contact us online [email protected] .

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