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June 19, 2015

Are Healthy Snacks Causing Your Teeth to Wear Away?

These days, eating healthy snacks and drinking nutritious juices has become a way of life for many health-conscious people. However, many of these snacks and juices are acidic and therefore present a common cause of erosion. Erosion occurs when the enamel, the hard protective coating of the tooth, is worn away leading to sensitivity and pain. Erosion occurs when acid hits the surface of the tooth, softening the top layer and making it more fragile.

Did you know your body is capable of restoring tooth enamel that has suffered minor damage from acid erosion or mechanical wear via a process called remineralization? In fact, it is our own saliva that helps to remineralizes our teeth.

How to prevent and treat erosion?

There are simple steps you and your dentist can take to help prevent damage to tooth enamel or restore it after the damage is done:

(1) Consume less acidic beverages or drinking them through a straw so they go directly to the back of the throat.
(2) Have your dentist evaluate sensitive areas to determine what treatment options are best. The treatment may require bonding of teeth, crowns and in some cases veneers.

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