Cosmetic Crown LengtheningCosmetic crown lengthening is a procedure that helps reduce a “gummy” smile and beautify your smile by exposing more teeth.  Generally, this is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is done in one visit with a post procedure follow-up.

Often it is an adjunct to a porcelain veneer procedure helping to expose more tooth structure.  The gums are elevated and the excess bone and gum tissue is trimmed.  That leaves healthy tooth structure visible and more appealing.  Often times, no other procedure is needed to enhance the smile following a cosmetic crown lengthening forgoing a potential veneer.


Cosmetic crown lengthening may be the treatment plan for you if you are are bothered by gums that are visible while you talk or teeth that appear too small.

The patient had completed orthodontic treatment but she was still unhappy with her gummy smile.

Clinical exam revealed that she had an excess of gum tissue covering the crown portion of her teeth. We reccommended removal of the extra gum tissue with a procedure called cosmetic crown lengthening. The procedure was painless and the patient was very pleased with the final result.


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[image-comparator left="" right="" width="100%" left_alt="Before Cosmetic Crown Lengthening" right_alt="After Cosmetic Crown Lengthening" classes="hover"][/image-comparator]
[image-comparator left="" right="" width="100%" left_alt="Before" right_alt="After" classes="hover"][/image-comparator]